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Visitors arriving into East Africa must have valid vaccination certificate for yellow fever!
This is particularly important when crossing from one East African country to another.
Typhoid and cholera vaccination certificates are also recommended.

Malaria is rare in Kigali and Nairobi and the highlands but prevalent in hot and humid low altitude areas such as the Coastal region, Lake Victoria and the savannah.

Visitors are advised to consult with their doctor on the best time to take Malaria prophylactics when visiting East Africa.
It is safe to swim in the sea and swimming pools but it is not recommended in lakes, rivers and open reservoirs as you risk getting infected with bilharzia.

We encourage visitors to East Africa, to drink bottled water which is widely available in supermarkets and general stores.
The Flying Doctor Service, which covers the entire East African region, provides highly effective emergency response and ambulance services in case of accidents.

Harmony Safari Expeditions

Harmony Safari Expeditions