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Kibale National Park

Overview & Attractions

With lush tropical rainforest and fascinating diversity of animals, Kibale National Park is one of the most beautiful and stunning forests in Uganda. Kibale forest is home to the largest number of the endangered chimpanzees in Uganda , as well as the threatened red colobus monkey and the rare L'Hoest's monkey.The forest has one of the highest diversity and density of primates in Africa totaling 13 species including the black and white colobus, blue monkey and grey-cheeked mangabey, red tailed monkey, bush babies and pottos. The park also hosts over 325 species of birds including the yellow spotted nicator, yellow rumped tinkerbird, littlegreenbul, green breasted pitta, African pitta, crowned eagle and the black bee-eater. There are a number of impressive mammals including forest elephants, buffaloes, bush pigs, duikers and bats. A keen observer may see some of the reptiles and amphibians as well as a colourful variety of butterflies. Furthermore, over 250 tree species have been recorded. The most famous inhabitants of Kibale National Park are the chimpanzees with over 1,450 individuals protected within the park. At Kanyanchu, a community of chimpanzees has been habituated since 1991, allowing visitors the unique opportunity to view these great apes in their natural environment.

Harmony Safari Expeditions

Harmony Safari Expeditions