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Our experienced safari guides offer a unique window into the fascinating world of the African wild. Their accumulated knowledge allows them to fill you in with interesting, insider detail about birds, game and the places you shall visit.

All the safari guides are multilingual speaking excellent English and also others are fluent in languages such as Spanish, French, German, and Italian. Drivers speaking Chinese and Polish and Russian Languages can also be arranged.

Harmony Safari Expeditions maintains a fleet of more than 5 custom-designed safari minibuses and specially adapted four wheel drive safari vehicles which are comfortable and safe a factor which enhances access to areas off the beaten track.

  • Harmony Safari enjoys the below advantages over their competitors;
  • Consistency of service due to our large fleet of vehicles.
  • Presence in the Eastern, Southern & Central Africa Regions (Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Congo, Ethiopia, Namibia and South Africa)
  • First class service attributed to our many years of service experience.
  • Competitive pricing and clean vehicles maintained at our in-house workshop.
  • Experienced multi-lingual driver guides (*if required).
Harmony Safari Expeditions

Harmony Safari Expeditions