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The Aberdares

Overview & Attractions

The Aberdares is a mountain range which thrusts directly north from Nairobi for more than 160 km. Part of the range is protected as the Aberdares National Park and encompasses all land over 3200m together with a projection due east, known as the Salient, which reaches down to 2130 m near Nyeri town.Aberdares National Park is a fairyland, awesome in its majesty and beauty. But crossing these mountains is an unpredictable event since rain is both frequent and heavy.The Aberdares national Park was named after the then President of the Royal Geographical Society by the intrepid Scot, Joseph Thomson, who explored the region in 1883. The Kikuyu name Nyandarua is slowly gaining prominence. The Aberdare National Park was created in 1950 to protect the forested slopes and moors of the Aberdare Mountains and the wildlife therein.


Ark Lodge

Set in the heart of the Aberdare National Park, iconic and yes, quirky. The Ark overlooks a floodlit waterhole and salt lick, which attracts a host of awesome wildlife. Resembling and named after Noah’s Ark, The Ark comprises of three decks from which numerous balconies and lounges provide a superb location for wildlife to be seen. So that you don’t miss any animal sightings, the night guard will buzz your room when special animals come to the waterhole.

Treetops Lodge

Treetops is one of Kenya's most famous hotels - this is where British Princess Elizabeth was informed that she had become Queen in 1952 on news of her father's death. The Ark, however, offers better game viewing, especially at night. Nocturnal game viewing is taken so seriously round these parts that there is a bell in each room which sounds if an unusual animal turns up at the waterhole. Elephant, buffalo, rhino, leopard and bush-buck are regular visitors. The hotel is reached via a gangway which takes you to the level of the forest top.

Harmony Safari Expeditions

Harmony Safari Expeditions