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North Eastern Namibia

Overview & Attractions

As elephants saunter as silhouettes against burnt orange sunsets and the brick-red sands of the Sossusvlei swirl like a Salvador Dali masterpiece, Namibia always proves to be one of Africa’s most bewitching wonders.

But a visit to its North Eastern region is an incredibly extraordinary encounter all of its own.Don’t miss the swamps and riverine forests of the Zambezi Region (formerly the Caprivi Strip) where Namibia’s mighty desert dunes and canyons transform into a universe of silent dawns, booming hippos and slow winding rivers.

Still relatively undiscovered by tourists, only the intrepid will find the Nile crocodiles and nimble-footed cranes of the Mudumu National Park. It’s in the North East that you can wild camp at the famed Horseshoe bend of the Kwando River in Bwabwata National Park as lions and leopards stoop to drink.

Stay in traditional lodges that gaze out on the sweeping floodplains of the Puku Flats and take an open 4x4 vehicle to capture shots of Sable antelopes, rare red lechwe, sitatunga and herds of elephants in the vast Chobe National Park.

For an authentic taste of village life, don’t leave without pausing at Lizauli where traditional carvers and basket weavers still ply their trade or join fisherman on the Kwando River who cast nets from dug-out canoes for fanged tiger fish.
Just when you thought Africa couldn’t astonish any further, the wetlands of Namibia’s North Eastern region offer a new perspective on a country that’s known best for its arid allure.

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Harmony Safari Expeditions