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Weather And Climate

Because of East Africa’s geography, the temperature, rainfall and humidity vary widely. The region experiences different climatic conditions.


Rwanda has a temperate climate with two rainy seasons (February to April and November to January), mild in the mountains but with frost and snow possible.


The area around Lake Victoria, the second largest lake in Africa is generally hot, fairly humid with rainfall spread throughout the year. The area receives the highest rainfall of 200mm in April while the lowest is in January. Temperatures range from 180C to 280C. The highlands around Mt. Kenya, Mt Kilimanjaro and the Rift Valley enjoy perhaps the most agreeable weather in the country. There is a great variation of climate between the hot and relatively dry floor of the central Rift Valley and the snow-capped peaks of Kilimanjaro and Mt. Kenya. Rainfall varies from 20mm in July to 200mm in April and falls into 2 seasons (Long rains March – May and Short rains October–December). Temperatures vary from a minimum of 100Celsius to 280 Celsius. The coastal belt is hot and humid all year round with coastal sea breezes. Average temperatures vary little throughout the year ranging from a minimum of 240 C to 300C.


The semi arid areas of Northern and Eastern Kenya and Eastern and Southern Tanzania experience the most extreme variations of temperature ranging from 400C during the day to 180C at night. Rainfall is sparse but when it falls, it often falls in form of violent storms.


Rainfall season in Ethiopia is between July and October if you are visiting the northern circuit which covers Ethiopia’s Historical attractions. If you are visiting the South, the rains are experienced in April and May. The average temperature in Ethiopia is 250C.


Uganda is sunny most of the year, with temperatures rarely rising above 29oC. The heavy rainy season is March-May, light rainy season November-December, though there will always be a few hours of sunshine. June is usually dry, but showers can still be expected.

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