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Overview & Attractions

In the heart of the country, surrounded by the Khomas Highland, Auas and Eros Mountains, Windhoek is Namibia’s pretty, unassuming capital.

Shaped by its Germanic past, colonial churches and grand architectural facades make the fancy capital a delight to stroll through. The European charm is evident in Windhoek’s buzzy side street cafés and restaurants, where African flavours are served with a German influence. Its impact is never more distinct as it is with the city’s exceptional beer. Brewery tours are available for visitors with a thirst, while plenty more of Namibia’s cultural charms are found around the capital too.
The cube-like National Art Gallery sits proudly next to the theatre and houses a fine collection of the nation’s artwork. The oldest building in Windhoek (single-storied and whitewashed) is now the National Museum, while the more modern Geological Museum stands out for its bold rejection of colonial architecture.

North of the capital, it is the nature that delights. As well as being one of Africa’s greatest wildlife sanctuaries, Etosha National Park is an expansive salt plain where elephants, lions, leopards and the elusive black rhino can be seen among its shallow watering holes on a self-drive safari.

Offering one of the continent’s most quintessential African landscapes, Waterberg Plateau Park is a must whilst visiting Namibia. The flat sandstone peaks sit 250 metres above the desert, so hike to the top for amazing views across verdant woodlands, grassy savannahs and deep-cut ravines.

For a walk closer to Windhoek, the Daan Viljoen Game Park can’t be beaten. Those who meander through its scrub should take it at their own pace, for the zebras, giraffes and springbok will be walking at theirs. As one of Africa’s most peaceful capitals, Windhoek enchants.

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Harmony Safari Expeditions